New Staff

Phew, it’s been a busy week here at Blue Door Bakery HQ, lots of workshops, hundreds of cupcakes and some new arrivals!

Bluebelle, Rocky and NoNameYet arrived on Saturday and I am completely in love. Bluebelle laid an egg during the 10 minute journey home, so I have to say, I think staff efficiency around here is about to increase considerably (also, I don’t think they know how to use Facebook or Twitter, so that’ll help).

Obviously the girls have joined us so that we can make your cakes super tasty with our home grown eggs. We’ll let you know when we’ve started to use them, if you’d prefer not to have non-Lion marked eggs in your cakes just let us know, but we have a feeling in our bones that these eggs are going to make our cakes even more magic.

Any more ideas for NoNameYet? Barbara is the front runner at the moment…




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