National Cupcake Week Competition!

It’s been a super busy couple of weeks here. We’ve been working on our Short & Sweet Christmas classes, met lots of gorgeous students who’ve made brilliant cakes, introduced our fabulous Sphere Cakes class with Maki and our lovely Cake Guru Laura has left for a few months to have a baby. We’ll miss you Laura! x

In the midst of all this, we’ve found ourselves halfway through National Cupcake Week without any celebration to speak of. Oops. We had loads of ideas about how to mark the occasion, but the time has run away with us. Please forgive us! Over our coffee and cake this morning we decided what better way to celebrate, than give away some free class places?

So, we have 2 places on our Vintage Luxe Cupcakes Class on Friday 28th September to give away!

If you’d like to join us, please leave a comment below and we’ll pick a winner on Friday 21st September! Good luck!



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  1. Beautiful cakes! My best friend and I (very keen cupcake makers) would love a place on your vintage luxe cupcake workshop!! it would be a fab day out for us considering we don’t get much time to have Girly days having both had babies this year! 🙂 xx

  2. LOVE the look of all your cupcakes and would love to be able to perfect my decorating skills so that mine look like yours…they are awesome 🙂

  3. I adore your website and have been saving for one of your vintage cupcake classes, as well as saving for the nec in November!!! I really would appreciate a competition win to visit and I can put my savings to another brillian class with you! My friend trained with you and shed can’t stop talking about the class and how much she learned from you!!! So I want to come too!!!! Keep up the good work! Xxxx

  4. I would so love this, I’m a single mother of 4 and don’t get out much so spend any spare time!! making cakes for friends and family. Would love to be able to say that I’ve ‘taken classes’ 🙂

  5. Absolutely love the look of your classes! Who knows if I’ll be the lucky one. Would simply be amazing to learn some new techniques and more information about the world of cupcakes 🙂

  6. After a really hard couple of years for both me and my mum, it would be so amazing to come and join in with one of your classes. We both love having baking afternoons together to un-wind a little and would have such fun to learn lots of new things and meet some new baking friends. x

  7. Hey! My best friend and I are hoping to start a caking making business soon! We’ve been making cakes for a few months and have had a few good orders we would love to attend you class! I think the skills you could teach us would benfit us greatly!! X x x

  8. Have loved all the classes I have done at Blue Door Bakery, they are just fantastic. Not yet managed to save enough money for the vintage class so would love to win a place. Keep up the good work ladies you are an inspiration to all us cupcakers. xx

  9. stylish, imaginitive, creative and stunning. Im addicted to cupcakes but they arent any where near as gorgeous as yours. I would love for you to show me how

  10. It would be the first prize I have ever won and couldn’t think of a better prize than to have the chance to learn more about cakes and decorating them from greatly talented people!! xx 🙂 xx

  11. I have a reputation for great tasting cupcakes but I fall flat on my face when it comes to decorating – I could use some help!

  12. hi

    love cupcakes and love your website so much. been saving for a class. my auntie introduced me to the art of baking and has been teaching me and i have made cupcakes for a couple of birthdays and a engagement party. would love to come and learn some more with the guru’s xx

  13. Am trying to make cupcaking my life and have begun my own little entaprise so would luv to win so i can learn a few skills and make those little finishing touches extra special x

  14. I have been wanting to come to one of your classes and have been dropping enormous hints to my other half for the last 2 years……falling on deaf ears sadly :o(

  15. I am new to your website and love what I’ve seen! I am currently on maternity leave spending my days with my amazing 3 month old son and baking cupcakes to take into my workplace, whilst building a portfolio of my creations in hope of starting my own enterprise. Winning a place would be a great help to add to the skills I have. Xx

  16. I have been a fan of your website for a while now, I was so pleased when I stumbled across it.. I am a full time cancer specialist nurse, but have found time to set up a little baking business which is so theraputic! I love the look of your VIntage delux cupcake class, and have recently purchased the rose nozzle, shoe and bow mould from you which I have started using… I would love to perfect the vintage look! x

  17. Would love to come to one of your classes in order to further my knowledge and capabilities. Hopefully (if i’m not picked on this occasion) some day I will come to a class!! Best wishes

  18. Your cakes are amazing! There are so many good ideas would love to go on one of your courses. I am already saving to go in case I don’t win. : )

  19. Hi, I love love love cupcakes and can only dream of being able to make them as wonderful as you do. I would love to be able to bake cakes as good as if not better the Magnolia Bakery in New York. My real wish of winning the prize would be to bring my fabulous sister along who, along with my friend Claire arranged so many little surprises for my 1st Wedding Anniversary in June whilst we were in the Big Apple. One of the surprises was being sent to Magnolia Bakery for our very own anniversary cupcakes. With my sisters anniversary being 2 days after the prize date I would love to be able to repay the surprise to her so she can then start to use her poor mixer which has been sat there very lonely with no cakes to mix together since she bought it. In the mean time Happy Baking x x

  20. I have done a few classes at Bluedoor….. All amazing! Laura has taught me soooooo much – will be weird doing a class without her! Would love to win a course – I’m getting married this Saturday so frantically making decorations! Have 120 cupcakes to make too! Xx

  21. I love looking on your website i visit it everyday the cakes are amazing and would love to come to one of your classes the dilemma is which one ! fingers crossed i will get the chance.
    Best wishes

  22. Wow, those vintage cupcakes look delish! In fact, all of your cakes do!! Still saving the pennies to come to a course so thanks for the chance to win one too! I am sure after the first class it would become a bit of an addiction! :o)

  23. Would love to attend one of your courses been saving up but as I’m in process of buying my 1st house I have not quite got there yet, love your cakes!!

  24. I would love a place on this course because…. It is my birthday on 28th September!! What a great way to spend my special day 🙂

  25. This would be the icing on the cake for me to join your lovely class, and take all the knowledge with me when I emigrate to Canada at the end of this year. I’ll not be back to the UK again to be able to attend your classes x

  26. Would be delighted if I get picked. Attended the start to finish class last week and have to say I am now addicted. Made loads of cupcakes recently have have managed to impress everybody. I am really getting addicted to this. All the decorations were taught in a very simple and easy way.

    Have already thought of rolling into the chocolate start to finish class.

    Looking forward to hearing from You.


  27. Well this sounds fabulous, I would relish the opportunity to come to your bakery and learn how to make your vintage cupcakes!!! I just happen to be free next friday (my cakey friend is free too) and to say thank you I would bake these delicious cookies for everyone present!!! 🙂!/photo.php?fbid=495765890439805&set=a.495765730439821.134077.484410661575328&type=3&theater

    I am keeping all my fingers and toes very tightly crossed <3

  28. I would like to say thank you , to some one who has been their for me whilst I have been il, for the last 12 months ,…. “Thank you” My Precious daughter…Thank you Amy , I love you xxxxx

  29. I have been baking little fairy cakes for nearly 20 yrs now, just plain & simple ones with a dollop of icing & some sprinkles on top, my kids have loved them but I now feel ready for bigger & better things :o) Your vintage cupcakes look heavenly & so perfect, here’s hoping – best wishes Juliet

  30. Coffee makes it possible to get out of bed in the morning, a vintage cupcake course would make it worthwhile ! A classic day in the baking x

  31. I would love to take my mum to a class. It would be something special to enjoy together and something we’d talk about for years afterwards. She would love it.

  32. Hi to all at the blue door bakery, I would be honoured to win one of your places please,as where I live there are no decorating classes, also I am loving all your fantastic things you all create,they are so inspiring and helpful for ideas to make ourselfs if any of us are able.
    Thank you very much for giving us all the chance to be able to win a free class place.
    take care n happy baking.xxxx

  33. This is fantastic. I’d love to win a place on the class. I’ve been meaning to take a class (and ironically the vintage cupcake class too) but as I’m mobility disabled with arthritis at 31, I haven’t been able to afford it.

    If I won a place, I would bring my eldest daughter (11). She’s a little inspiration and helps me bake.

  34. Oh how I would to do a course,
    For which the Blue Door Bakery is the Tour de Force,
    But most of all it would be a source
    Of great joy for my best friend locked in divorce.
    It would be great to see her have a day away
    And cupcake baking- Is there a better way!!

    (ps love your facebook page and we would so love to learn how to make them look so good!)

  35. Pretty pretty please! I have been eager to come to one of your classes for a long time! Was hoping a voucher would have appeared for my birthday but it never did 🙁 your classes and cakes always look wonderful!! I admire the look of your studio too! 🙂 x

  36. Pick me!! Please! Adore your classes and this is one i havent been able to get to just yet!

    All the best of luck to Laura, she was a fab teacher on the frills class!


  37. I love cakes! I follow the blog every week. This would make a really really nice get well soon to me after spending 10 days in hospital. I order different bits and pieces from you. It would to great how to improve my skills! Keep blogging! That keeps me going each week!

  38. Just found you, love the cakes and I am able to get to you on this date as I it is my day off! Otherwise I need to save up for some classes and visit friends in Redditch at the same time. Hope I get a lucky break and win!

  39. Hi Sarah and everyone at blue door bakery.
    I did the cupcake business course today and thought you were great. I’d love to do all of your courses as they look amazing especially the vintage course. Very classy and elegant 🙂

  40. Your cakes are just Amazing!! So elegant…. I would really love to win a place in one of your classes. Please Please Please with some buttercream on top 🙂

  41. Well I could actually give you 100 reasons as to why I would love a place on this amazing workshop but after reading so many other people’s comments it’s clear to see just how many of us would love a place…so I am just going to hope for the best and I know the two people who get picked will love it.

    Going to be a hard choice


  42. What a fantastic prize!! I haven’t got a sad tale to tell as my life is pretty good right now 🙂 I think I should be considered as I loved the course I attended last and it really gives me something to focus on (other than work). Plus, I really really really want to stroke your kitchen Aid collection and I promise not to steal one 😉 (I still haven’t managed to get my husband to purchase one – work in progress though). Xxx

  43. Hey !

    Please choose me !

    I am quite new to the cupcake world and would love to learn some new skills. My sister has recently had a baby and this would be a fab treat to get her out of the house for a bit and have some ‘me’ well ‘her’ time ! It would be wonderful to spend a few hours learning from the best ! I’m sure I would find myself on one of your courses in the future once the pennies are saved all though to come for free would be amazing.

    PS Pick me ! lol
    : )


  44. I would love to win a place! I always look forward to seeing your pictures and wish I could afford a class! It’s my husband’s birthday tomorrow but he is going away with our oldest daugther, so we’ll have to celebrate next weekend. He loves cake and he is vintage (this is true!), so vintage cakes would be perfect!

  45. Wow !!!! not only is your customer service second to none but your generosity is endless! You guys never cease to amaze me, keep up the good work 🙂

  46. I love baking and can make scrumdiddlyumptious cakes but have yet to perfect the decorating part. I’ve purchase several items from your shop but could really do with some help from the experts 😉 please take pity on me hehe

  47. What fun if I won! How I would LOVE to be able to make good cupcakes and decorate them well. I can’t afford classes. Taught myself 30 years ago but never was really confident & made loads of time consuming and downright expensive mistakes over the years. Gave up 12 years ago but want to have a bash again. (They say it’s never too late to learn something new!) One of my ideas for our 50th anniversary was to do cup cakes but I ran out of confidence and energy after making the decorations for the top of the main cake. They took me a whole 6 weeks, struggling alone, to master and produce. So I settled for store bought for the rest of the items. Then had to cancel the party anway due to family bereavement. Am now thinking to celebrate the end of our 50th instead of its beginning!

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