My story

My story

The questions I get asked during most classes…How long have you been doing cakes? How did you start? So I thought I’d fill you in on my little cake story.


me 2


I spent 8 years at home raising my 2 beautiful girls. I went to evening college for 3 years during this time to become a hairdresser although when my youngest was around 3, my plan was to become a teaching assistant then hopefully progress onto a teacher. I worked at a local first school as a lunchtime supervisor (aka dinner lady!) whilst studying from home for my teaching assistant level 3 qualification.

I had always enjoyed a little baking with my girls. My nan made beautiful cakes for years when I was growing up. She made my wedding cake (Pic above!) I remember sitting at my nans big dining table with cake stuff EVERYWHERE making all sorts of frills, wired flowers and carnations!


Psarah ccs

I first discovered BDB in 2011 when my mum got remarried. Sarah made her beautiful wedding cupcake tower above. BDB then started teaching some classes so in April 2012, mum and I went along to their Vintage Cupcake Class taught by Laura. I remember being completely wowed when I first walked through the doors and even more wowed at what I created.


My class creations…so pleased!


We booked in on another course, The Garden Cupcake Class. Again, had an brilliant day and I was amazed at what I could actually make!

I spent a good few weeks practising my new found skills and making all kinds of cupcakes for family and friends. I had another class booked then I received THE most exciting email ever.

In June 2012 Sarah sent me an email asking me if I’d like to become a BDB Cake Guru. I called my husband and mum straight away with a crazy amount of excitement.

So a few months passed, I’d popped in to BDB to meet the team and sat in on a few classes to get a feel for how the classes run.

It was time for my first class. I can honestly say, it’s a pretty nerve wracking experience. Same as any first day at work. I wanted to be sure I remembered all the info to tell all my students. 6 hours flew by and 8 students had baked, decorated and created a set of 12 stunning cupcakes. Never have I felt so excited and so proud.

celebration cakes

During the next year my business grew. Starting out in celebration and novelty cakes then progressing on to huge wedding cakes.

wed cakes

18 months of new classes, beautiful cakes and new cake friends had passed and the Gurus had some news. Unless BDB was bought, it was going to close down. After a few weeks of discussing, I took over the management and pretty much all the teaching in October 2014 so Sarah could spend some much needed time at home with her gorgeous babies. The Hagley studio was shut down and eventually we found a cute little room at Tardebigge Court in March 2015. My husband worked tirelessly for a month fitting kitchens, flooring, lights, painting etc until my gorgeous studio was finished.

studio info pic


Our first class in the new studio was Big Cake Basics on May 3rd 2015. I am pleased to say it went amazingly well, I never forgot any equipment (thank god!!) and beautiful cakes were made.

first class

We’ve had a crazy busy year making and updating around 18 new classes in total and starting up a new range of online recipe guides.


As of March 1st 2016 I am so pleased to say I am BDB’s new owner. I never thought in my wildest dreams that when I met Sarah in my Bridesmaid dress on the morning of my mums wedding, completely wowed by the beautiful cupcake tower she had just set up, that I’d end up working for BDB let alone owning the company. I have so many exciting plans for this year. Thank you all for your gorgeous comments on our classes, getting involved in our posts and competitions, and of course, joining us on many classes creating beautiful cakes and giving me the best job in the world. Xx





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