Tuesday Tutorial – Mother’s Day Cupcake Rose Bouquet

To celebrate our very own Sarah becoming a Mum for the first time, to beautiful twins George and Harriet, we have an extra special blog. How fitting it is that Mother’s Day is just around the corner!

We regularly receive enquiries about how to make a cupcake bouquet and thought Mother’s day was the perfect opportunity to show you just how to do it. Its a lot more simple than you may think and is so effective, not to mention, it’ll make your Mum feel extra special! And if you wanted to go that extra mile, class vouchers are still available for Mother’s day. We’ll be posting all vouchers First Class until Friday. Wouldn’t that be perfect, tucked inside a card, alondside a stunning cupcake bouquet!

We’ve used a fantastic planter cup and saucer (straight from a BDB Guru “just in case” kitchen cupboard), but this works just as well with an inexpensive terracotta plant pot, found at all good (and not so good) garden centres.

What you’ll need…

Round plant pot or planter (roughly 20cm in diameter)
Polystyrene ball to fit or slightly larger than your plant pot
Cocktail sticks
Pretty tissue or florist paper
7 Cupcakes, decorated as per our “How to pipe a two tone cupcake” video. Use whatever colours you like – we’ve gone for some plain white rose swirls and some tinted with Egg Yellow Gel Colour. Please see the video below for a demonstration with the lovely new Mum herself…

How to pipe a two tone cupcake

1. Your polystyrene ball will most likely come in two pieces, so split in half (or cut if whole) and measure against your planter. Cut down if necessary so that it sits tightly in the planter.

2. Before placing your ball into the planter properly, line the planter with a sheet of tissue paper, so that it touches the bottom and sticks out at the sides

3. Now cover the ball with another sheet of tissue paper and fix it into the planter, with the rest of that tissue tucked underneath.

4. Insert two cocktail sticks into the center of the ball, until about half of them is showing and push a cupcake onto the top

5. Place two more cocktail sticks to one side of the centre cupcake, so that the two cupcakes will be touching but not squashed. Then put another cupcake in place.

6. Continue to do this, surrounding the centre cupcake with another 6 cakes, each time using two cocktail sticks to hold each one in place. Inserting the cocktail sticks at an angle can help to hold them in the right position!

7. To finish off your cupcake bouquet, tidy the tissue by tucking it in slightly and securing with a bow, tied around the top of the planter, just underneath your cakes. And don’t forget a gift tag!

We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog and whether you’re treating your own Mum, being treated as a Mum or both, have a lovely lovely Mother’s Day!

For more information on booking a class or voucher for Mother’s Day please see the website HERE or call us on (01562) 228232.

Jenny x



3 Responses to Tuesday Tutorial – Mother’s Day Cupcake Rose Bouquet

  1. Fantastic tutorial. I’ve seen similar with the garden buckets too which look fab but I’m loving the cups. Especially perfect as you can buy these big cups/saucers from Tesco at the moment too.

    Definitely going to make this for both my mum and the future mother in law.

    Thanks for sharing.

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