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After making our hot chocolate mix and loving the floating marshmallows, we decided to make some of our own homemade marshmallows to go with the packs for friends, to really push the hot chocolate boat out.

I’ve made these before a few times and just love them. Until you make them, it’s hard to describe how much fun flipping these floppy little shapes around in a cloud of icing sugar is. Honestly, try it, you’ll be so impressed with yourself!

You do need a sugar thermometer, but honestly, this is a good investment if you even like baking a little bit as you’ll find at random times a recipe calls for it and you’ll be really pleased to have it. You can find one here to buy on Amazon if you don’t have one: Sugar Thermometer.



(adapted from the recipe here.)
(you can find our printable labels here.)

2 Tablespoon icing sugar
2 Tablespoon cornflour
Vegetable oil
8 Gelatine leaves
2 Egg whites
500g Caster sugar
1 Vanilla pod

We wanted to make cute little heart mallows so we used a very shallow baking tray but if you want great big flumpy mallows use a slightly deeper tin (one for making brownies works well). Oil it and sprinkle some of the icing sugar and cornflour (sifted together) over and around the inside until it’s all covered.

In the bowl of your mixer whisk your egg whites until they hold stiff peaks.

Put the caster sugar in a saucepan with 250ml of water and stir until the sugar dissolves. Raise the heat, stop stirring and allow the syrup to gradually reach 122C on your sugar thermometer. Take the pan off the heat.

Take your gelatine leaves and soak in a little cold water for about 10 minutes.

Switch your mixer back on to start whisking the egg whites again, add the scraped inside of your vanilla pod, then gently trickle in the syrup you’ve made whilst beating and turning the mixture creamy. Take the gelatine leaves out of the water, squeeze off the excess water and add to the mixture after you’ve poured in the syrup.

Beat your mixture for around 10 minutes – it’ll get thicker and thicker. You’ll be amazed just how light and fluffy and silky it goes! Pour it into your prepared tray and leave it somewhere to cool for a couple of hours (not in the fridge). You should get 3 shallow baking trays from the mixture so lots to play with!

Dust a chopping board with LOTS of the cornflour and icing sugar, flop your giant marshmallow out and cut out shapes using dusted cutters or an oiled knife. Coat all cut surfaces in more icing sugar/cornflour mixture or it will magically rejoin before your very eyes.

We love the hearts for floating in hot chocolate! Print off our Homemade Marshmallow Labels onto card and staple bags of marshmallows shut.

These will keep for about 2 weeks in a dry airtight container.

If you have a go at making these, please tell us you loved the flippy-floppy-ness (great new word..) of cutting them too?!

Jenny x







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