Damson Gin

I love gin. There’s nothing more satisfyingly summery than a gin and tonic with a wedge of lime, when you’re sitting outside the pub in the summertime on a Friday night after work. Apart from perhaps rose or Pimms, or maybe champagne.

I am pleased to report that in recent years I’ve discovered winter gin drinking, the warming gorgeous loveliness of sloe gin after dinner. It seems to give me rather a headache but apparently that may be due to the quantities that I’ve consumed.

Anyway, I’d been hankering after some sloes to make my own and haven’t quite managed to root around in the hedgerows to find any. So when I saw a bag of damsons at the farm shop, I thought I’d have a go at damson gin instead.

I used:
400g Damsons
100g Caster Sugar
Rind of an Orange
Bit less than 75cl Bottle of Gin

I put the damsons and sugar with the rind in a very pretty bottle I’d bought ages ago from Cox & Cox and had been longing to use, but it was probably a little too small for the job in hand. Then topped up with gin and sealed.

I’ll report back on its progress in 3 months, after sampling.



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