Starting A Cupcake Business – Things I wish I’d known..

1. You’ll actually miss baking.

To start with you’ll sit at your desk a lot more than you bake. I had no real concept of this when I started. Suddenly, I really missed Sunday afternoons spent baking, where I was now busy working on spreadsheets and learning web design (well, muddling through). Have faith though, it’s all worth it in the end and it’s what will help you be a success. It means that you’re spending time on building a concept, a website, marketing, making a plan and all of the other things that will make your business successful, rather than just a hobby that sometimes people pay you for.

2. Buy some really comfy shoes.

When you go from a 9 – 5 office job to suddenly baking on your feet for hours a day (when the work from point 1 above starts coming in) your feet hurt. I mean, REALLY hurt. Not like walking around the shops all day. It was about a year and 20,000 cupcakes later that I realised I needed to wear trainers in the kitchen. It makes such a difference! Do that before you are suffering with grumpy feet like I did.

3. Buy some Neutrogena hand cream.

When you start to wash your hands 10 times a day and take them in and out of the oven loads (especially if it happens to be winter too) your hands get sore and dry really quickly. Have some super strength hand cream ready to save your valuable tools! The only one we’ve found really works is Neutrogena.


Hope you find my tips useful. Before we started running classes and expanded to the little team we are now, I ran Blue Door Bakery alone, baking for over 100 wedding orders a year from my home kitchen and domestic oven. So, the above tips are from my own hard earned experience!

If you’d like any more business advice feel free to leave a comment here, or we do run also run a full day Cupcake Business Class.

Sarah x



8 Responses to Starting A Cupcake Business – Things I wish I’d known..

  1. Sarah
    Your advise & knowledge has been invaluable, I will recommend your courses to anyone. The Start Your Own Cupcake Business has given me the confidence to put my ideas & dreams into practice 🙂

    Thank you
    Kelly B

  2. That is so very very true, all of what you said. Not that I have a business or anything remotely near it, but I guess you would have to give up your baking time to give to someone else.
    Do you think from a financial point of view, it works? Do you make a profit on individual sales?
    I like your site. Only found it the other day, but rest assured, if you dont mind, theres things about baking I dont know, and it is always nice to have someone with answers.
    Thanks X

  3. Hi Wendy, yes I’ve always worked hard to make sure we made a profit on all sales. I really believe that knowing exactly what your product is costing (including your own time) is the key to this, and not being afraid of sticking to your guns! Sarah x

  4. @Kelly
    Thanks for your lovely comment, so pleased it was useful. Hope you’ve added the above to the shopping list!!

  5. This has opened my eyes a little to what I might be expecting in the future- but it hasnt scared me off! Im a 3rd year uni student and starting my own business in baking is definitely what i want to go into 🙂 i’m just trying to scrape enough money together to make it to one of the workshops!

    p.s: as an animation student, i know how making websites can be >:(

    • Hi Christina, quite right, none of it should be scary (ok, maybe the painful feet ;)) but it’s just good to be prepared! Hope to meet you at a class soon x

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