[Round Up] Cake Trends of 2013

We spend a lot (far too much) time thinking about cake trends. The latest styles and techniques, what people will be choosing for their weddings and bakes that makes us go ‘oooooh’. It’s nearly halfway through 2013, so we thought we’d show you what we’ve been loving so far this year. 1. Layer Cakes No [...]

[Round Up] The KitchenAid Appreciation Society

There was chat on our Facebook page recently about how eye wateringly expensive KitchenAid mixers are. I waited a long time for my first one. I’d started Blue Door Bakery and decided I’d survive with my tiny hand mixer until I’d made enough money to buy the KitchenAid I’d been dreaming of. It took 500 [...]

[Round Up] Our Top 5 Peanut Butter Recipes

Bloomin’ Pinterest. It’s responsible for a lot. Wasted hours, ignored conversations with Mr BDB and new food obsessions. My current new baking obsession is peanut butter. Did you see the peanut butter and chocolate cake I made for our first cake club? Here’s a round up of my next 5 “to be baked” peanut butter [...]