Summer Sale! All Full day Classes Just £95

Wahoo! To celebrate Summer being just around the corner we’ve reduced the price of all of our full day classes to just £95. So you could grab a whopping saving of up to 37%! Pretty darn awesome, right? You can book as many as you like, for any dates on our calendar. So why not [...]

Spring Sale!

We can finally see Spring trying to budge old Winter out of the way and it’s very welcome indeed. To celebrate we’re having a big, shiny Spring sale. All of our full day classes (that’s everything longer than 2 hours) are just £95. This includes all weekday and weekend full day classes and you can [...]

[BDB News] Win a Year’s Supply of Vanilla!

Some things in life are certain. Night follows day, every cloud has a silver lining and films are always better when they have Bradley Cooper in. Another thing we’re certain of, is the huge difference that using brilliant vanilla extract makes to your cakes. Vanilla essence is a synthetic, chemical vanilla flavour and vanilla extract [...]