[BDB News] Our first BDB Cake Club

Do know what it’s like when you start to bore your friends half to death with your baking talk? That glazed look they get when you try to chat to them about the best brand of sugarpaste or how to use Tappits. The way they walk away when you want to debate your problems with peeling cupcake cases or where to buy Trex.

We’ve been there dear friends. We understand. We’ve decided to accept that once the baking talk starts, we’re pretty much social outcasts. Fancy joining us?




Loads of you have become friends after meeting in our classes, how brilliant is that? You asked us for a place to meet up, chat and talk about cake. BDB Cake Club was born.

Our first meeting was in March. I made a giant peanut butter and chocolate monstrosity (recipe to follow in another post soon.)

We asked people to bring cakes they’d baked to share if they fancied it. We entered those people into a draw for a goodie bag (which Jo won). Jo writes a food blog Jo’s Kitchen and she wrote about the cakes she made here: Easy Easter Nest Cupcakes. There was also a lemon and poppy seed loaf from Sandie and a delicious hazelnut torte from Sarah-Lou.


Everyone made an Easter bunny cupcake after a demo by our cake guru Dani. After that we chatted about cake, practised using awkward moulds, made cake balls, talked about Sarah-Lou winning Lurpak’s baking competition and helped with other caking dilemmas.

We absolutely loved every single minute.


Fancy joining us? You can book a place here: Cake Club.  Please don’t feel shy if you haven’t been here before or if you’d be coming on your own. We’d love to meet you.

Do you bore your friends with baking? Or do they listen so you feed them cake in return?!

Sarah x



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